Michael Moore's 'Where To Invade Next' Asks, What Are Other Countries Doing Better?

Michael Moore was left wondering about the US way of doing things.

For his latest documentary, 'Where To Invade Next', Michael Moore has invaded Europe (aka visited a series of countries, cherry-picking their best policies and planting the US flag with the people he admires the most), and discovered some jaw-dropping facts, which he loves and plans to steal to take back to the USA to help make it great again.


Here are just some of the things he discovered on his journey:


If married, you get eight weeks of paid holiday, seven if you’re not

Employees get an extra month of salary in December – payment for what is called the ‘13 month’

On average, Italians live four years longer than the average American

The average lunch break for Italians is two hours long

Italy is in the top 15 countries for productivity


School lunches are required to be healthy and usually include a cheese course even in lower income schools

French pay-cheques include a detailed list of what your taxes are paying for

France teaches kids sex education, and rates of teen pregnancy in France are twice as low as those in America.

<strong>The Italians Michael Moore meets in his film are shocked by the tiny holiday leave other parts of the world receive from their employers</strong>
The Italians Michael Moore meets in his film are shocked by the tiny holiday leave other parts of the world receive from their employers


Finland went from the lowest-ranking country for academic success in Europe to one of the top in the world

No homework is given to younger school students and no more than 20 minutes for the older ones

They are against standardised tests and promote happiness as fundamental in the classroom

Younger students only have 20 hours of school a week

They have the shortest school days and years in the Western world

It is illegal to set up a school that charges for tuition


University is free to everyone, not only national citizens, but foreigners as well

The University of Ljubljana has more than 100 courses in English


This was the first country to democratically elect a female president in 1980, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir

Iceland’s financial crisis in 2008 was the fastest in history wiping out 85% of their economy in weeks

The only bank to survive was run by women

In Iceland, 40% of corporate boards must be women

In Germany, it’s 30%

In America, no laws like this exist and although women make up 52% of the population, only 20% of Congress is made up of women


Doctors can write prescriptions for a three-week stay at a spa if a patient is very stressed

36-hour working week and it is illegal for employers to email/contact employees when on holiday. Many companies also signed up to a no-emailing-out-of-hours policy

Employees in large, share-based companies (those with over 500 employees) have a right to 50% of the seats on the company’s supervisory board


Drug use is legal, and you cannot be arrested for using drugs

Drug use went down significantly when it was decriminalised 15 years ago


Even in maximum security prisons, prisoners have their own room and bathroom that they have keys to

Prison guards do not have guns

Only 20% of released prisoners are re-arrested within 5 years

In the US, 80% are re-arrested within 5 years

The longest possible prison sentence is 21 years

Norway has one of the lowest murder rates in the world


Free, government funded women’s health centres and free access to abortion

Conservative Islamic Party willingly stepped down when a large percentage of the population protested their austere measures

Michael Moore did not visit the UK, noting that the UK is too like the US, noting gender pay inequality, student debt and childhood obesity.

Where to Invade Next is released in the UK and Ireland on 10 June 2016.