16/10/2020 08:55 BST

Sir Michael Palin Slams 'Dangerous' Trump: 'He's Outdone The Satirists'

The Monty Python star also labelled the US president’s rallies as “quite sinister”.

Sir Michael Palin has said that Donald Trump has “outdone the satirists”, calling him a “dangerous figure”. 

The Monty Python star said the US president is hard to make amusing jokes about as it is “very, very difficult to be funnier, more absurd and more outrageous than he really is”.

Speaking to CNN, Michael said: “People see him, well not as a figure of fun actually, a more dangerous figure than that.

Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock
Sir Michael Palin

“People really see that, there’s nothing much a comedian could add to it, saying, ‘Oh by the way, do you know that Donald Trump has got an orange face?’

“We all know that!”

He added: “All those little things, that one might have dreamt up, exist. They’re there already. He’s outdone the satirists.”

He also labelled the US president’s rallies as “quite sinister”.

Donald Trump

Sir Michael also shared his thoughts on UK prime minister Boris Johnson, saying he “looks like somebody that’s been created by a satirical show”.

He added: ”[People have to] try and find the humour there somehow, but it’s difficult to find at the moment to be honest.”

It is not the first time Sir Michael has blasted Trump, as he called the US leader “completely bizarre” during an Australian TV appearance in 2018. 

“Trump is just his own man. Actually as a comedian I like him. Because it’s so completely bizarre and idiotic, his behaviour. And totally, completely shameless. He’ll change his mind about anything at any moment and it’s quite bracing that in a way.

 “I wouldn’t like to be an American being represented by him.”