Halloween Craft For Kids: How To Make Milk Bottle Ghosts

An easy-to-make spooky decoration.

To inspire you to get crafty with your kids this Halloween, we asked some of the best craft bloggers to share their easy makes. Find other Halloween ideas here.

How cool do those creepy ghosts look? The best thing about them is they’re really easy to make, and your kids can get involved without making a mess.

Michelle Ordever, who shares her crafty creations on her blog Purple Pumpkin, made these milk bottle ghosts to put outside her house on Halloween night – and we think they look just the thing for welcoming trick or treaters.

Michelle, from London, made these with her kids when they were younger, but now they’re grown up she gets crafty with her six-year-old niece instead. “This is a great up-cycling craft,” she says. “Just make sure you wash out the bottles really well to avoid them smelling of old milk - and you can bring them out year after year!”

What you need:

- Milk bottles

- Black marker pen

- Rice

- Glow sticks.

How to make them:

1. Wash out the plastic milk bottles to begin with and leave them to dry.

2. Using your black marker, draw faces on the front with different expressions. Your kids can help you with this bit - draw the outline and then get them to colour in the black if they’re a bit younger. It’s nice to have a variety of expressions.

3. Fill the milk bottles with rice (or anything else similar) to weigh them down so they can stand up without wobbling in the wind.

4. Crack some glow sticks so they light up, then drop a few in each milk bottle so they shine different colours.

As an extra tip, Michelle adds: “Having bottles in different sizes would also be fun - you could have a whole family of milk bottle ghosts!”

Read her full instructions and see other crafty creations on her blog.