25/08/2017 10:48 BST

Missguided Slammed For Suggesting 'Feminism Doesn't Include Anyone Above A Size 14'

This calls for 3: 🙄🙄🙄

Emily Clarkson has called Missguided out for seemingly championing feminism while simultaneously excluding anyone above size 14.

In a post that started a dialogue with other irked tweeters, the author, who is Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter wrote: “Come be a feminist. Curvy girls need not apply.

“Never has Missguided been a more appropriate name for a business.”

We love a good movement-friendly slogan t, but not when the positive vibes are only directed at a select few. 

Clarkson’s views were shared by others.

Clarkson told HuffPost UK Style: 

“The feminism movement needs every woman alive to feel that she is useful to it and that it will help her. Missguided are messing with something bigger than sizing here.

“To simply not make clothes for ‘plus size’ women is one thing, but to create a t-shirt supporting equality for all, all the while excluding a huge proportion of women in this country is not just foolish, it’s dangerous.” 

There has been a bit of spike in the number of individuals (celeb or not) demanding brands be more conscious - or at least responsible. This shift in attitude puts the onus on the consumer to do something about the wrongs they see in the industry.

“We can’t simply roll our eyes at the messed up ‘fashion industry’ anymore,” Clarkson continued.

“This t-shirt represented lots of decisions and lots of work from a company that, like so many others, has been getting away with too much for too long.”

HuffPost UK reached out to a representative at Missguided who declined to comment.

Notably, Missguided has since taken down the product in question... and most of their other feminism-related t-shirts are sized with an ambiguous “S M L.” 🤔