24/09/2018 17:09 BST | Updated 25/09/2018 14:18 BST

Monki Is Now Using Only 100% Sustainably Sourced Cotton

Nothing less.

High street store Monki has announced that it will now only use 100% organically sourced cotton. As the millennial brand is working with recycled cotton also, Managing Director Jennnie Dahlin Hansson has explained that “this is a step towards our 2030 goal to only support sustainably sourced materials. It’s a good feeling, knowing that 100% of our cotton is now sustainably sourced.”

serpilguler via Getty Images

Monki have also joined the Better Cotton Initiative, an enterprise which aims to make the global cotton production industry fairer for the people who produce it, the space it is grown in and for the future of cotton. The BCI trains farmers to be less wasteful with water as cotton requires vast amounts to produce it. In addition it teaches them to care for the soil and also reduce harmful chemicals.

The brand claims that its decision will result in a 46% reduction in its impact on the climate in comparison to the traditional methods in growing cotton. 

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Recycled cotton is made through recycled cotton fabrics i.e. recycled clothes and reduces water waste and the negative impacts on the climate by 75% in comparison to virgin cotton fibres. It will start using the Global Recycle Standard and Recycled Claim Standard which use independent third parties to source their recycling cotton.

You can also donate any clothes to recycle at Monki stores. When doing this, Monki will receive a percentage of the money from their partners at I:CO but with this money it will be donated to the H&M Foundation; supporting a wide range of projects.