06/12/2018 12:49 GMT

Morrisons Is Selling Huge Sticks Of 'Wonky' Sprouts For Under A Quid

'Tis the season to eat sprouts in all shapes and sizes 🎄

Brussels sprouts are seen by some as an even more vital addition to Christmas dinner plates than pigs-in-blankets – so when the mega heatwave threatened supplies earlier this year, many of us were understandably concerned. 

Sprout fields have had only 75% of their required annual rainfall and have been subjected to temperatures of up to nine degrees hotter than normal, meaning some have grown “stumpy”.

But have no fear, Morrisons has sourced a range of wonky sprout stalks from farms impacted by heatwave in Yorkshire and the Cotswolds.


Morrisons said the sprouts, at 75p a stalk rather than £1.50, would not normally have been harvested because farmers would be unable to sell them.  

“Apart from being a little short, our wonky sprouts have exactly the same taste and nutritional benefits as normal sprouts,” said Michael Weightman, sprout buyer at Morrisons. “Whether you love them or hate them, we know sprouts are an important part of Christmas dinners up and down the country.

“We hope that by selling whole crops of sprouts – not just the ‘perfect’ ones – we can do our bit to support British farmers and reduce food waste this Christmas.”

Wonky veg seems to be on the rise, as this week a company in London launched a subscription box for wonky veg that would otherwise have gone to animal feed, or to waste. Oddbox sells fruit and veg that don’t make strict supermarket requirements on shape, size, colour and markings for between £8.99 and £17.25 a box.