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This Is Where The UK's Most Embarrassing Parents Live, According To Teenagers

The top 10 cities for cringeworthy parents.

Mums and dads – if you live in Oxford then we’re afraid to reveal you are the most embarrassing parents in the UK, according to your teenage children

A nationwide study of 5,000 young adults in the UK found mums and dads living in the prestigious university city are considered the most cringeworthy.

Parents in Edinburgh weren’t far behind, with 42 percent of Scottish teens saying they have been left red-faced by their shameful mother and father.

Adults living in Blackpool, Cambridge and Belfast have also left their adolescent children cringing. But with teen embarrassment levels of 45 percent, Oxford was crowned home to the most blush-inducing parents of all.

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In the study, which looked at teenagers’ opinions of their parents, three in ten (29 percent) of teens polled by Endsleigh went so far as to say they are genuinely embarrassed by parents when they’ve had one too many to drink.

And 17 percent consider themselves more responsible than their parents were at the same age. According to the study, almost six in ten (59 percent) of young adults believe their generation does not drink as much as their parents do, with 44 percent claiming their parents simply aren’t as health conscious as them.

The data found that while over a third (35 percent) of undergraduates limit themselves to just one big night out a week, half said their party-loving parents still head out once or twice a week.

“There are many clichés when it comes to the behaviour of students, but this research shows that they are just that – as young people today appear to be far more sensible and better behaved than their parents’ generation,” said Julia Alpan at Endsleigh.  

Top 10 UK cities home to embarrassing parents: 

1. Oxford

2. Edinburgh

3. Blackpool

4. Cambridge

5. Belfast

6. Bristol

7. Leeds

8. Leicester

9. London 

10. Cardiff.

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