The Most Liked And Retweeted Tweets Of All Time: From Barack Obama to Wendy's

Sadly one of them is also in response to terrorism.

Barack Obama’s message in the wake of white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, in which he quoted Nelson Mandela and shared a touching image of himself with children of different races, has become the most liked tweet ever on the history of the social network.

The picture may have only been posted a few days ago, after Saturday’s rally erupted into violence and resulted in the death of protestor Heather Heyer, but it rapidly reached the top of the Twitter charts - no doubt because of how much it contrasted with the current president’s reaction.

These are the most popular tweets in terms of likes that Obama’s now sits alongside:

1. Barack Obama’s response to Charlottesville

2. Ariana Grande’s response to the Manchester Arena bombing at her concert

3. The Oscars selfie

And the retweets:

1. The guy who campaigned to win a ridiculous amount of chicken nuggets

2. Ellen DeGeneres

3. Louis Tomlinson’s expression of love to Harry Styles

4. Ariana Grande

5. Barack Obama