Mum Shocked When Woman Changes Baby's Nappy On Table In Café, Asks Whether She's Being Unreasonable

'Is this utterly grim?'

A mum who was having lunch in an art gallery’s café, was shocked when a woman next to her changed her baby’s nappy on the table.

Mumsnet user Catsize wanted to know whether others on the parenting forum thought she was being unreasonable for calling the mother out.

“I looked up to see she was changing a baby’s nappy on the table where they’d just eaten,” she wrote on Tuesday 18 April.

“My face must have been a bit of a picture because one of the women looked at me as if to say ‘What?’. Feeling I had to justify myself, I said: ‘It’s just that it’s a bit grim changing a baby’s nappy on a café table’.”

The Mumsnet user continued: “The woman doing the changing asked if I was a mum. Instead of saying: ‘What difference would that make?’, I said I had two children.

“She said she didn’t realise I was watching. I said it was more of a hygiene thing, but yes, it had put me off my lunch somewhat.

“She replied that it was ‘only a bit of wee’. So, was I being unreasonable, hygiene thing and it is ‘only a bit of wee’, or is this utterly grim?

“The loos were ten paces away, full changing facilities and pristine.”

The majority of Mumsnet users on the forum agreed with the original poster, calling it “minging”, “disgusting” and “rank”.

“No it’s bloody rank and dirty,” one person wrote. “What an entitled woman. With her reaction I’d make a big song and dance about health and safety and complain to café manager.”

Another commented: “It’s disgusting. We witnessed this in a restaurant last year and couldn’t believe our eyes.”

And another wrote: “Yuck - I don’t care what is in the nappy, I don’t want to see such a thing whilst enjoying a drink and others are eating. You can just imagine someone putting food down totally unaware.

“You don’t eat in a lavatory.”

However one mum didn’t see anything wrong with it, writing: “I have changed a wet nappy on my lap in a café once and at the last Mumsnet meet up I changed my baby’s nappy in the pub.

“There was an unused table in the corner I asked if anyone minded, they all said: ‘Of course not, don’t be daft’ and laughed.

“I laid a mat out and again quickly swapped the wet nappy of the five-month-old. Then wiped the table down.”

So what do you think, is it wrong? Comments below, please.

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