21/01/2019 12:17 GMT | Updated 22/01/2019 14:00 GMT

Mum Has IVF Baby And Twins At The Same Time After Having Sex Before Embryo Transfer

"I never, ever thought there would be three in there."

A mum who struggled to fall pregnant for a decade has ended up with three babies, after she conceived one through IVF and twins naturally in the same week. 

Beata Bienias, 36, from Wiltshire, started to give hope of ever becoming a mum due to issues with her health and weight – so she was over the moon when she finally fell pregnant with one baby through IVF.

But miraculously, she had also conceived twins just days before her embryo transfer – this means Bienias and her husband Pawel, 40, are now parents to four-week-old Amelia and twins Matylda and Borys.

“It was the biggest miracle,” she said. “I never thought something this incredible could happen to me. I never, ever thought there would be three in there. I still can’t quite believe it when I look at the three of them. I’m so happy.”


Bienias was told by doctors her non-identical twins were conceived naturally just a few days before her IVF embryo transfer on 2 May 2018. 

The mum, who began trying for a baby with husband Pawel almost immediately after they got married eight years ago, explained how her miracle “triplets” came about. “It was all very confusing, but my first scan showed that the twins were conceived just a few days before Amelia,” she said. 

“They tell you at the fertility clinic that you can’t have sex for the four days before your egg collection, because the hormones mean more eggs are fertilised than normal.

“But I think we must have done – because on the scan you can see that the twins were conceived some time in the week before the embryo transfer.”

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Recalling the moment she found out she was having three babies, she added: “The sonographer turned to my husband and asked if he wanted to sit down.

“Then she told us there were three babies in there.”


The mum added: “I couldn’t believe it, after so many years of trying and getting nothing, and then having IVF and conceiving naturally.”

Amelia, Matylda and Borys were born by C-section section at the Royal United Hospital on 13 December 2018, when the pregnancy had reached 34 weeks.

Amelia was born weighing 5lbs 2oz, Matylda weighed 4lb 5oz, and little Borys weighed just 4lbs.

The new mum said: “I am enjoying everything – even when they wee in bed and I have to clean it up. I feed them nearly every three hours and I go for walks with them every day.

“My husband is absolutely proud of his three babies and cuddles them every day when he gets home from work. I had no idea what to expect from being a mum-of-three all of a sudden. But I’m so happy.”

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Fertility expert Emma Cannon, who has worked in the field for 25 years, was stunned to hear of Beata’s triplets. “In my 25 years as a fertility specialist, I have only come across one or two scenarios in which women have fallen pregnant whilst undergoing IVF treatment.

“But I also know that there is much we do not understand and miracles do happen. I wish Beata all the very best with her three little miracles.”