13/07/2017 10:46 BST | Updated 13/07/2017 18:32 BST

Mum Defends Video Of A Baby Having Her Ears Pierced After It Was Slammed As 'Child Abuse'

'Your baby is a blessing not a fashion accessory.'

Update: This article previously stated Rebekah Musson was the mum of the baby in the video, however this is not the case. Musson also had her daughter’s ears pierced when she was four months old. 

A mum has defended a video of a four-month-old baby having her ears pierced after it was slammed online as “child abuse”.

Rebekah Musson, from Hull, also had her daughter’s ears pierced when she was just four months old. She believes it’s better to get ear piercing done when children are babies rather than when they’re older. 

Her comments were prompted after a video of a baby getting her ears done gained attention on the ‘Piercings’ Facebook page on 2 July. The baby was happy and gurgling away, but screamed out when her ears were pierced. 

“Child abuse all for the parents’ vanity, it should be illegal,” one person commented on the video. 

Another person commented: “Let the little baby grow up and decide for herself when/if she wants to have her ears pierced.

“Your baby is a blessing not a fashion accessory.”

And another commenter wrote: “I do not agree with this. Disgusting. Wait until they are old enough to make their own decisions.”

The video has had nearly four million views in two weeks.

Defending babies having their ears pierced, Musson spoke about what it was like when her daughter, Maddison, had them done. She told the Hull Daily Mail: “Did she cry? Yes for a split second. Do I regret it? No.

“She looks beautiful in her earrings, and she loves to change her earrings when mummy does and wears all different ones.

“She’s now two and a half and has her own little jewellery box like mummy with lots of earrings in.”

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