Mum Slams Instagram For Removing Photo Of Son With Facial Disfigurement: 'I'm Beyond Disgusted'

Instagram has since apologised for removing the photo.

A mum has criticised Instagram for removing a photo of her son who has a facial disfigurement, after it was reported by another social media user.

Charlie Beswick, from Stoke-on-Trent, is mum to 12-year-old Harry who was born with Goldenhar syndrome. He has no eye socket or nostril and he has a short jaw.

Beswick, who blogs at ‘Our Altered Life’, shared her frustration on Facebook on Tuesday 12 September, writing: “If someone hates to look at my child then I have two things to say: a) scroll past and b) you’re an arsehole.

“I’m beyond disgusted. Instagram needs to rectify this discrimination.”

Instagram has since apologised for removing the photo and restored it.

On the Facebook status, Beswick wrote: ”What do you see when you look at my boy?

“I see the most beautiful smile, wonderful heart and purest love. Sadly some people on Instagram feel that it’s too much to look at and have reported a picture of him (again).

“Despite the fact that the picture Instagram removed had well over 2,300 likes and more than 200 lovely comments of support.”

The mum also shared a new photo on Instagram, writing: “Me: ‘Hello Harry. Where’s your eye? Oh damn, it’s still on the side at home!’

“Note to the person who reported the last image of my son like this: It’s his face. If you’re offended then scroll past. Shame on you.”

Beswick’s Facebook post was shared nearly 300 times in 17 hours.

“I’d rather see his shining happy face than some of the rubbish and grotesque images people insist on sharing,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “Harry is a wonderful beautiful little boy. Whoever reported it should be utterly ashamed.”

An Instagram spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “We mistakenly removed the photo, but quickly restored it as soon as the mistake was brought to our attention.

“We have apologised to the family.”