Woman Found Inventive Hands-Free Way To Hold A Baby While Making A Sandwich

Sheer brilliance.

A woman who was struck by the urge to make a sandwich while looking after her baby cousin, found an inventive way to do both.

Mum Claudia Sorhaindo explained she had to pop out of the house to run an errand, so had asked her niece J’Ann to watch her daughter Ava.

Minutes later, she received an update on the situation when J’Ann explained she wanted to eat, but didn’t know how to keep her eye on the baby at the same time.

“Lord send help this was her solution,” the mum wrote on Facebook on 28 January. “Creativity at its finest.”

We’ve got to praise J’Ann on this one because this is a parenting hack we’ve never seen before.

Baby Ava was placed in what looks to be a comfortable spot snuggled in the pink shorts so her legs hung down next to her cousin’s knees.

The shorts even came right up to her chest showing she was tucked in pretty safely. Her face is a picture.

We’re not the only ones applauding this woman’s creativity, as the photos have been shared more than 80,000 times in four days.

“OMG that is awesome, I LOVE it,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “That is what you call a great babysitter. Now hundreds of parents are going to be using this trick.”

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