Woman Discovers Emotional Voicemail Left By Her Mother Before She Died

'Anyway it's nothing important.'

A woman has shared the last message she received from her mum, shortly before she died.

The mother, who had battled breast cancer for two years before she passed away, had left a voicemail for her daughter enquiring after her three-year-old grandson, August.

“Hi, I’m just calling to see how August did today at school, at daycare,” she said in the message.

“I just think about the little guy. Anyway it’s nothing important, I just wondered how he did. If he likes it, anyway, love you honey, bye.”

Although the woman had listened to the voicemail back in May before her mum died, she rediscovered it in September whilst clearing out her inbox.

“I was cleaning out my messages and stumbled upon it,” said the anonymous poster.

Instead of a grand declaration of love, it was the simplicity of the message that made the woman “smile and cry” as she listened.

Commenters have been quick to send messages of support, MacEngVic said: “Nothing sweeter or stronger than a grandma’s love.”

They have also shared their own experiences of the sentimental messages they have held on to after loved ones have died.

Saltwound said: “My bf [boyfriend] won’t get rid of his old phone because it has his dad’s last voicemail. The phone doesn’t work though so he can’t listen to it.”

Tankanummum said: “I still have the last voicemail from my dad saved on several devices. It’s something I never wish to lose. It’s good to have to remember.”