31/07/2017 16:46 BST | Updated 20/07/2018 11:46 BST

People Keep Mistaking Handbags For Dogs, And It's Too Funny

Can't. Breathe 😂

A woman mistook a brown leather handbag for a sleeping Daschshund in a restaurant, and the Internet can’t get enough. 

Taking to Twitter, Hannah Murphy from New York, US, shared the hilarious anecdote with her followers.

“My mother was giggling at this and told me to ‘take a look at that adorable dachshund, he’s sleeping’, she was looking at a purse,” she wrote. 

And social media users on Twitter agreed they would’ve been fooled too:

And it seems handbags that can masquerade as dogs may be a growing trend as another Twitter user even shared a similar experience they had: