Mum Thinks We Can All Learn From This One Thing Her Son Does Every Morning To 'Change His Life'

So cute😭

When the business of everyday life gets on top of you it can be difficult to keep focusing on the positives, rather than the negatives.

But one nine-year-old boy has found the secret to always looking on the bright side. He decided to make a positive change to his morning routine every day before school.

Mum blogger Laura Cormier shared a post on her Facebook page after a conversation with her son Eli, who had told her about the new habit he was trying to adopt.

The mother-of-three explained that every morning when he wakes up, Eli thinks of one or two things he is looking forward to in the day, such as having a PE lesson or having pizza for lunch (we’d be excited about the latter too).

Cormier believes that this doesn’t just set him up well for that day, but that it has the potential to “profoundly change his life” by training him to focus on the positive in the face of challenges.

So, inspired by her eldest child’s idea, she decided to ask her other two children the same question in the car on the way to school.

And after hearing their answers, she wanted to take it one step further and added her own twist - to find out the things they were concerned or worried about, she asked them about the things they wanted her to pray about.

They each named a couple of things they’d like me to pray about, and I sent them off to school not only thinking about something positive, but also with the assurance that their mum is talking to God about the things that worry them.”

She then encouraged her followers to do the same, not only with their children, but for themselves: “Our attitudes will make or break our day, week, month, year, life. And although I believe that some people are naturally inclined to a sunnier outlook than others.

“I also believe that we can train ourselves to focus on the positive instead of the negative.”

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