Mum Tries To Teach Her Daughter About Stranger Danger, Completely Backfires

We struggle to turn down biscuits too.

All parents want their child to be street smart, but teaching them how to interact with strangers can sometimes be a little tricky.

One mum’s attempt to teach her daughter what to say completely backfired after she offered her the irresistible lure of biscuits and ice cream.

In the video, posted to Imgur, the mother asks: “If a strange man says: ‘Let’s go eat cookies’ You say…”

Toddler Yebin, who has her own YouTube channel, immediately responds: “I like that.”

Quick to correct her and remind her she actually needs to decline the offer, her mum tries again: “If he says: ‘Let’s go eat ice cream?’ You say…”


Well, not quite.

To be fair, being offered free ice cream and cookies is enough to make all of us forget how we’re meant to behave.

One commenter said: “I’ve been so hell bent on teaching mine manners that if a stranger asks if she wants candy, her immediate response is ‘yes please’.”