24/01/2019 10:08 GMT | Updated 24/01/2019 12:50 GMT

The Number Of Homicides In England And Wales Has Risen By 14% In A Year

Knife crime, stalking and harassment cases are also on the increase.

Homicides have increased by 14% in a year while knife crime, stalking and harassment are also on the up, according to new figures. 

Official data from the Office for National Statistics shows there were 90 more homicides recorded by the police in the year to September 2018, excluding victims of terror attacks, with the total number up from 649 to 739.

Statisticians said this continues an upward trend since March 2014, indicating a change to the long-term decrease over the previous decade.

The data published on Thursday shows overall crime rose by 7%, with a total of 5,723,182 offences recorded.

Crimes involving violence against the person are up by 19%, which includes a 41% increase in stalking and harassment offences, while offences involving a knife are up by 8%.

Evgen_Prozhyrko via Getty Images
Figures released last week showed the number of police personnel investigating murders in London has fallen by 25%

Commenting on the figures, Helen Ross, from the ONS Centre for Crime and Justice, said: “In recent decades we’ve seen the overall level of crime falling, but in the last year, it remained level.

“There are variations within this overall figure, depending on the type of crime.

“Burglary, shoplifting and computer misuse are decreasing but others, such as vehicle offences and robbery are rising.

“We have also seen increases in some types of ‘lower-volume, high-harm’ violence including offences involving knives or sharp instruments.”

Figures released last week showed the number of police personnel investigating murders in London has fallen by 25%.

Scotland Yard’s murder investigation unit has lost 315 officers and civilians from a total of 1,208 since 2008, despite warnings from Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick that cases in the capital, which disproportionately impact younger people, are becoming harder to solve.

Jeremy Corbyn attacked the Government over the rise in violent crime, warning that police cuts had “consequences”.

He spoke as he made a visit to Wolverton near Milton Keynes on Thursday, where he met with officers from Thames Valley Police and spoke to local business owners.

Corbyn said: “Cuts have consequences and the loss of 21,000 police officers has had a consequence on the streets of this country.”

He said he had spoken to small businesses who had been affected by crime, adding: “We then got onto a discussion about homelessness and about social dislocation ... into a discussion about the council and its resources in dealing with homelessness.

“There is a complex link of issues here and we as a society have got to face up to the fact.

“We need to spend more on policing in order to get more police officers on the street but we also need to invest far more in housing and in youth facilities so that we actually create stronger communities.

“That is part of it as well.”