26/10/2018 06:00 BST | Updated 08/11/2018 09:44 GMT

6 Of The Best Mustard Yellow Cushions To Brighten Your Home

We've got a flavour for it.

Mustard – you’ve probably eaten it, you may have even worn it, and now it’s going to take pride of place on your sofa in glorious cushion form. 

If comfort is your thing, opt for the velvet or knit fabrics, or if you want something why not go bold with the stylish geometric design with a hint of yellow.

Mustard works really well with grey, dark blues and alpine green – so if you’ve got a sofa or throw in those colours, all the better.

Here are a range of cushions from velvet to pompoms which really cut the mustard (sorry!). 

  • Ray of sunshine
    Ray of sunshine
    John Lewis
    Stand out with this round statement cushion, perfect for the bed or sofa at 40cm diametre. It's from the House by John Lewis range, which is really quite affordable. 

    John Lewis, £8
  • Groovy baby
    Groovy baby
    Maisons Du Monde
    We love the 1960s-inspired patten on this. Perfect if you're not sure to go full mustard.

    Maison Du Monde, £19.84
  • Tweed
    This is made from brushed Shetland fabric. If you're into matchy-matchy, they also have lampshades in the same fabric.

    Etsy, £5.99.
  • Cut the mustard
    Cut the mustard
    This statement cushion is one of our favourites. We love how the blue and browns work with the mustard.

    Made, £15
  • Pompoms 4eva
    Pompoms 4eva
    We don't know whether we love the pompoms or the knit more, tbh.

    Dunhelm, £15
  • All the feels
    All the feels
    Can't afford a velvet sofa? Get yourself a cushion instead. Of the mustard variety, natch.

    M&S, £19.50.

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