Asian-Americans Share Their Perfect Twists On The Classic Thanksgiving Feast

Sticky rice next to the turkey? Heavenly.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and mac ‘n’ cheese may all be staples on the American Thanksgiving table, but some families like to throw in their own remixes.

Many Asian-American families add cultural elements to their holiday meals in an effort to preserve their own heritages, remember their roots, and enjoy the comfort of their own cuisines during the holiday.

From pancit to sticky rice, Twitter users revealed their own spins on the traditional Thanksgiving feast through the hashtag #MyAsianThanksgiving. Though the dishes they shared may not be part of the quintessential meal you might see on TV, these dinners embody the mishmash of elements in immigrant families’ daily lives. It’s as American as can be.

Check out what Asian-Americans are eating this Thanksgiving below.