18/01/2019 16:35 GMT

Myleene Klass Tearfully Recalls Hitting Rock Bottom And Turning To Drink Amid Graham Quinn Divorce

The bodyguard walked out on her unexpectedly in 2012.

Myleene Klass broke down in tears as she revealed how she hit rock bottom and turned to drink in the wake of her divorce from Graham Quinn. 

The musician and presenter was left struggling financially after her husband unexpectedly walked out on her in 2012, and has told of how friends intervened to help her at her lowest moments. 

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Myleene Klass with ex-husband Graham Quinn

Detailing how her manager had to come and help her get out of her car in the middle of the night, Myleene told Kate Thornton on Yahoo’s ‘White Wine Question Time’ podcast: “I was in a car park, doing breakfast TV, and the guy opened the door, and I took a breath and said, ‘I can’t get out of the car’, because I was right in the middle of a divorce, I was trying to get my kids to be balanced. I was trying to breathe.

“The finances were spiralling because you’re just thinking, I’m going to lose everything. I was so frightened. The humiliation. You’ve got people looking at you, blaming you, who haven’t a clue what the fuck is going on.

″[My manager] got up, set an alarm at 3am to meet me in a car park, just to open the door.”

Myleene then revealed how other friends, including Kate and BBC 6music presenter Lauren Laverne, would visit and call her in the small hours to make sure she was OK. 

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Myleene spoke to Kate Thornton on her new podcast 'White Wine Question Time'

She added: “I remember waking up thinking, “I’ll have a drink by 11 and that’s ok because that means I haven’t had a drink for five hours’.”

Graham walked out in Myleene in April 2012, dumping her on her 34th birthday.

The split came just six months after the couple – who have two daughters together – tied the knot. They had been together since 2001.

It was later revealed Graham had bought his own bachelor pad prior to leaving Myleene. 

The star, who is now in a relationship with PR Simon Motson, added of her divorce: “It wasn’t something I wanted to define me, but I do think it changed me irrevocably, because I think what it’s made me do, is it’s given me such an empathy for what other women go through, I will never be able to see it another way now.”