26/05/2017 12:30 BST | Updated 26/05/2017 12:33 BST

Mystery Of Desolate ‘SOS’ Message – But No One To Rescue

Very curious...

A pattern of rocks spelling out ‘SOS’ has been found in a remote area of Western Australia – but no one knows who created the distress signal.

Police were alerted to the message by a pilot flying over the Swift Bay area in the Kimberly region. But ground searches of the area have found no people or indeed any indication of recent activity in the vicinity.

WA Police
Despite a careful search, there is no sign of people or recent human activity at the site 

Officers are now trying to establish if there are any missing persons in the area who need help.

The desolate sign is 70 miles from Kalumburu, an Aboriginal community.

Last year a pensioner lost in an Arizona forest for nine days survived by drinking pond water, eating plants and spelling out ‘help’ on the ground with sticks.

The sign helped lead rescuers to Ann Rodgers, 72, in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona.

Rodgers’ rescue came after three men who spelled out “help” with palm fronds were saved from a remote Pacific island. They swam to a tiny Micronesian island when their boat capsized, and searchers spotted them two days later.