13/08/2019 10:35 BST | Updated 14/08/2019 10:45 BST

Naked Attraction Host Anna Richardson Defends Controversial Show From Complaints

She claims the Channel 4 dating series is a "massive celebration" of diversity.

Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson has defended the dating show from criticism, claiming it is a “massive celebration” of diversity. 

The Channel 4 series, which sees participants appear in the nude and choose a partner based on their attraction to their bodies, has sparked a number of complaints in the past.

However, Anna has said people should look past the obvious and realise that the show is about much more than the nakedness on screen. 

Channel 4
Anna Richardson is the host of Naked Attraction

Speaking to Press Association, she said: “When you look at other reality shows and other reality dating shows, they tend to focus on perfection, youth, beauty, everything that is really transient and fake in the world. 

“And so with Naked Attraction, we are as real as real can be, and I think that’s why cross-generationally, people really enjoy it.”

She went on: “The very fact that we were able to create a show that is absolutely about acceptance and accessibility – and there’s nowhere else on television that you’re going to see naked trans people talking about their bodies.

“So it’s actually a massive celebration, and that’s why I think it does really, really well. And even though it’s controversial, I think it’s also really celebrated, because even though it’s about nakedness, it’s actually about acceptance and inclusion.”

Channel 4
Contestants appear completely naked on the show

The upcoming series will continue to break down barriers with the inclusion of a man with HIV who wants to clear up myths around the illness, and a trans woman who was born into a strict Muslim family.

And while you might think there aren’t many people who would be up for appearing completely naked on TV, Anna claimed the show is inundated with applications.

“I think people watch the show and say, ‘This is so diverse’,” she said.

“You’ve got fat, you’ve got thin, you’ve got old, you’ve got young, you’ve got trans, you’ve got gay…

“It’s everybody, so it just reflects everyone.”

However, you won’t catch Anna, who is in a relationship with former Great British Bake Off host Sue Perkins, joining the contestants in stripping off for the show. 

PA Archive/PA Images
Anna with partner Sue Perkins

“As a 49-year-old, I probably wouldn’t. Just because of my generation I don’t think I would have the nuts,” she said. 

“I’m a really confident person, but I don’t think I would have the nuts to do it.

“If I was 20 and living as part of this generation that was all about Instagram and social media, maybe I would. But no, I am very happy in my spanx – I’m not taking them off any more.”

Naked Attraction returns on Wednesday 21 August at 10pm on Channel 4. 

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