Elf On The Shelf Ideas: 9 Impressive Creations That Are Worth The Effort

The elf in an ice cube is pretty great.

While it’s tempting to boot your elf a few steps further along the mantelpiece and call it a day, some parents take it very seriously.

Here are 11 parents who flung themselves into the Christmas spirit (probably after consuming a lot of other spirits).

(Alternatively, these quick and easy ideas are just as great).

1. An elf empire in the fridge

2. An elf that brings all the presents

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3. An elf and dinosaur stand-off

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4. An elf dressing room

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5. An elf meeting with friends

6. An elf making a mess in the kitchen

7. An elf having a campfire

8. An elf just making a lot of mess

9. An elf in an ice cube

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