01/12/2016 11:18 GMT | Updated 07/12/2018 13:30 GMT

Elf On The Shelf Ideas: 9 Impressive Creations That Are Worth The Effort

The elf in an ice cube is pretty great.

While it’s tempting to boot your elf a few steps further along the mantelpiece and call it a day, some parents take it very seriously. 

Here are 11 parents who flung themselves into the Christmas spirit (probably after consuming a lot of other spirits).

(Alternatively, these quick and easy ideas are just as great).

1. An elf empire in the fridge

2. An elf that brings all the presents

3. An elf and dinosaur stand-off

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4. An elf dressing room

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5. An elf meeting with friends

6. An elf making a mess in the kitchen

7. An elf having a campfire

8. An elf just making a lot of mess

9. An elf in an ice cube

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