NBC's Nail Polish Tweet On Rio Olympics Star Katie Ledecky Becomes Latest Sexism Scandal At Games

'THIS is the most important question you ask an Olympic athlete?'

A major US broadcaster that was criticised for focusing on an Olympic swimmer’s nail polish instead of her four medals has become the latest media outlet to be hit by accusations of sexism at the Rio games.

NBC’s San Fransisco bureau came under fire for angling a piece on star swimmer Katie Ledecky’s three gold and one silver medal wins on how she kept her nail polish “chip free”.

<strong>Katie Ledecky's nail polish was the focus of a recent NBC article</strong>
Katie Ledecky's nail polish was the focus of a recent NBC article

The organisation posted a tweet, since deleted, linking to an article on how Ledecky was showing off her US patriotism by sporting a red and blue manicure.

<strong>NBC's deleted tweet</strong>
NBC's deleted tweet

But the article itself prompted scorn and accusations of sexism from readers, who said the headline seemed to hail from the “1950s” and said the issue of Ledecky’s nails “did not matter”

NBC has since deleted its original tweet advertising the story, and published a celebratory post spurring Ledecky on in her remaining race in the women’s 800m freestyle at 12:30 BST on Thursday.

But the NBC article is just the latest in a succession of sexism scandals that have emerged during the Rio Olympic games.

Here are five of the worst that have enflamed the tempers of viewers:

Woman Wears Dress
Mike Egerton/PA Wire
BBC presenter Helen Skelton came under fire from some social media users for wearing an 'inappropriate' dress.

She was splashed on the front page of the Daily Mail with a headline that read: "It's hotting up in Rio.. and that's just the presenters!"

Many people seemed to forget that it is a common occurrence for men and women wear shorter or less clothing in warmer weather.
Strength And Guile Contest Becomes 'Catfight'
Markus Schreiber/AP
Majlinda Kelmendi should have made the headlines for becoming Kosovo's first ever Olympic medalist - with a gold one to boot.

But her triumph in the 52kg event against Italy’s Odette Giuffrid was marred by a BBC commentator describing the contest as a "catfight".
Wife Of Famous Man
Harry How via Getty Images
Corey Cogdell-Unrein also had her bronze medal win in the women's trap shooting dismissed by some news organisations.

The Chicago tribute referred to her in headlines only as the wife of a famous American football linesman.

"You spelt '3-time Olympian Corey Cogdell-Unrein wins second bronze medal today in Rio Olympics' wrong," wrote one angry Twitter user.
Mansplaining To A New Low
AFP via Getty Images
A Twitter user managed to rile the masses by taking it upon himself to explain cycling to none other than an Olympic cyclist.

Martin Betancourt gave Dutch cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten a 140 character lesson in cycling after the 33-year-old came off her bike during a sharp turn in the road race.

She was left hospitalised with severe concussion and three small fractures in her lower back.
Celebrations Turned Sour
Mike Blake / Reuters
NBC was again accused of sexism during its coverage of women’s gymnastics on Sunday, when an unidentified commentator said Team USA members looked like they “might as well be standing in the middle of a mall”.

The moment came when they were pictured celebrating following their utter annihilation of the competition during the qualifying round.


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