29/12/2018 19:07 GMT

New Year's Eve Weather Forecast: Most Of The UK Will See Dry Conditions

Temperatures will be “mainly about where they should be” for the time of year, but cooler compared to recent weeks.

oversnap via Getty Images
The Met Office has said Britons can expect a dry evening on Monday.

Most of the country will be treated to dry weather on New Year’s Eve, according to a Met Office meteorologist.

Simon Partridge, forecaster at the national weather service, said the outlook for Monday is overall, “not too bad”, with the chance of some showers in some parts of the UK.

He told the Press Association: “High pressure is going to be in charge of the UK like it has been for the last week.

“It will be a little bit windy in the far north, but mostly dry.”

Some regions may experience a little rain, but temperatures will remain above freezing, Partridge said.

He added: “There may be some odd spots of drizzle on the western coasts, but the places most likely to be wet for the midnight moment are Northern Ireland and western Scotland.

“There may be a little bit of light rain in the North West.

“Temperatures will generally be around three to five degrees in the east of the UK, and further west, five to seven degrees.”

Large crowds are expected to gather in London and Edinburgh as the cities herald in 2019 with big celebrations.

Partridge said both cities will remain chilly, but dry for the most part, with the small chance of rain in the Scottish capital.

He said: “London will be dry and cloudy, with temperatures expected to be as low as five or six degrees.

“Take a coat if you’re going to be watching the fireworks on the Thames.

“Edinburgh will be mainly dry, but there is a chance of rain; a slim chance, but there is that risk.

“It will be cloudier than London, with a westerly breeze, and temperatures of around five to seven degrees.”

Into the new year, some parts of the UK could start to feel a chill, with what Mr Partridge called “a cooler spell for the east and Northern Ireland”.

Temperatures will be “mainly about where they should be” for the time of year, but cooler compared to recent weeks and the milder weather over the festive season.