07/01/2019 11:46 GMT

Furious Noel Edmonds Hits Back At Claims He's 'Depressed And Moving To New Zealand' After 'I'm A Celebrity'

"Absolute disgusting lies."

Noel Edmonds has furiously hit out at reports claiming he is moving to New Zealand after being upset by the reaction to his ‘I’m A Celebrity’ stint. 

The former ‘Deal Or No Deal’ presenter blasted what he called “absolute disgusting lies” published by The Sun, in an impassioned video he posted on journalist Nigel Pauley’s Twitter account. 

The Sun had claimed that Noel had “slipped into a bit of a depression” and was “terrified” no more work would come his way, after being voted out first of last year’s series of ‘I’m A Celebrity’, and had put his Bristol home on the market to move to New Zealand. 

In his video response, Noel said: “Apparently I’m so crushed following my experience on I’m A Celebrity I’m putting my house on the market and skulking off to New Zealand.”

He continued: “It’s a matter of record that I had a fabulous time, the production were wonderful, the reaction of the British public coming out to me were truly humbling and I’m really grateful for that reaction.

“I’ve been offered all kinds of opportunities that I’m now looking into.”

Noel explained that his £2.65 million Bristol home had been on the market, but not for the length of time as was reported. 

He added that the The Sun had run the story despite being told by his publicist it was untrue. 

He said: “The house that I have in the UK was put on the market a couple of years ago and is now sold and they were told all this last week and they’ve still run the story that apparently I’m going to skulk off to New Zealand. It is absolute disgusting lies.”

Noel then called the journalist who published the story “the lowlife of British journalism”. 

Noel Edmonds was first to be voted out of last year's 'I'm A Celebrity'

Noel’s spokesperson added: “He has always had a plan to live part of the year in New Zealand.

“Noel is full of energy and there are a ­number of work offers he is considering. He is not down.”

ITV had paid out big bucks for Noel to appear on ‘I’m A Celebrity’, with reports he pocketed £600,000 for his 10-day stint.

After leaving the jungle last month, Noel told hosts Holly Willoughby and Declan Donnelly he was both “relieved and disappointed” to be first out. 

However, there was some bad news awaiting him, as Bristol City Council had something to say about the revelation he had been driving around his hometown in a Routemaster bus to avoid traffic. 

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