11 Things All Non-Runners Think During Marathon Season

Can't we all just go to the pub?

We get it runners, you are putting your legs to better use than the rest of us failures who can barely move from the sofa to the fridge without getting cramp and having to take a time out.

But surely running a marathon can’t be that difficult, or you wouldn’t have 30,000 people signing up to run the London race every year? Just saying.

Here are 11 things all non-runners think about marathons.

1. Convincing yourself it can’t be that hard to run a marathon.

2. Deciding that if people can do it in fancy dress it must be easy.

3. Hating whoever decided it should be 26.2 and not 25 miles.

4. Failing to understand how there is a waiting list for this pain-fest.

5. Pondering why anyone decides to take up running as a hobby.

6. Hating everyone who shares training routes on Facebook.

7. Being confused by the obsession with Vaseline.

8. Wondering what happens when you see a dog and get distracted.

9. Feeling baffled that people don’t all die from leg cramp.

10. Knowing that it can’t be worth the exhaustion.

11. Telling yourself you will definitely sign up next year...