How To Talk To Children About Sexual Abuse: NSPCC Releases Dinosaur Cartoon To Help Parents

Pantosaurus Rex

The NSPCC has launched a dinosaur cartoon to help parents talk to children about sexual abuse.

The Pantosaurus animation, created by Bristol-based company Aardman, the team behind ‘Wallace And Gromit’ – enlists the help of dinosaurs to tackle the sensitive subject.

“Parents know it’s an important conversation to have but don’t always know how to go about it,” said Peter Wanless, CEO of the NSPCC.


The video is part of the ongoing NSPCC PANTS campaign that aims to help open up conversations between adults and four- to eight-year-old children about sexual abuse.

In the short film, a pant-wearing dinosaur teaches children that their body belongs to them and they have the right to say “no” and tell someone they trust if they are ever worried about inappropriate contact.

Wanless said: “We know many parents will struggle with the idea of talking to their children about sexual abuse but it’s vital if we want our children to understand how to stay safe.”

Since PANTS was first launched in 2013, the NSPCC claims it has helped over 400,000 parents talk to their children about the controversial topic.

According to NSPCC statistics it has also led to one conviction and a number of other disclosures of abuse from children.

According to the Child Protection Register, in 2014, 3,000 children in the UK were identified as needing protection from sexual abuse.

And 13% of contacts to the NSPCC helpline were about sexual abuse, according to a study in 2016.

The film launched in cinemas across the country from Friday 29 July.

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