22/11/2018 10:08 GMT | Updated 22/11/2018 11:15 GMT

There's An Oat Milk Shortage. Try These 7 Dairy-Free Alternatives Instead

For the no-cow crowd 🐄

Don’t panic, dairy-free drinkers, but the UK is experiencing an oat milk shortage as demand for the Swedish brand Oatly begins to far outstrip supply. The milk brand, popular because it is 100 per cent vegan and doesn’t contain lactose, is running out both in coffee shops and supermarkets. 

Sky News reported that not only is stock of the product limited but the industry is unsure when the situation will be resolved.

Oatly – who ran a conversation-starting ad campaign with the slogan “like milk but made for humans” earlier this year – confirmed it is experiencing “unprecedented demand” with 100 per cent growth in the UK market since 2017.

“We’ve recently produced and sold more Oat drink than ever before,” Ishen Paran, the brand’s general manager, explained. 

Although Paran assured customers the brand is trying to increase production in the coming months to address the issue, it is inevitable the future will see more pressure on these dairy-alternative stockists.

Especially as the Vegan Society estimates there are now around 542,000 vegans in the UK – three and half times as many as there were in 2006. 

So if your supermarket is running low on Oatly, what alternatives are there?

Rebel Kitchen, Mylk

Using a blend of coconut cream, Himalayan salt, brown rice and cashew, Rebel Kitchen has created a 100 per cent dairy free, organic, drink. It is also gluten and soya-free.

Koko, Dairy Free

Koko claims their milk alternative is made from ripe coconuts pressed within hours of picking. Dairy-free, it has added calcium and vitamins B12 and D2. It is also soya and gluten-free. Approved for coeliacs and those with nut allergies.

Alpro, Oat Original

If you can’t bear to be parted with your beloved oat milk, try Alpro’s version in place of Oatly’s. Rich in fibre and naturally low in fat it has no added sugars (only naturally occurring ones). 

Rude Health, Almond Drink 

Rude Health’s almond drink has no added sugar, is gluten and dairy-free. It is approved for vegans and is kosher certified. They suggest not only using it in your coffee but also mashing it into your potatoes, adding to a curry, putting in a crème brulée or a pannacotta.

Good Hemp, Original milk

Hemp is one of the oldest and most sustainable crops grown in the world according to this brand, and it’s environmentally friendly, which many of its competitors cannot claim. Free from dairy, lactose, soya and GMO.

Paleo Foods Co, Almond Milk 

Paleo Foods claims to make its almond milk with 8 per cent almonds (higher than its competitors) and filtered water. There is absolutely no dairy, lactose, soy, gluten, wheat or grains or sugar and sweeteners on the ingredient list.

Alpro, Soya milk 

Made from soya beans with added minerals and vitamins (B2 and B12) it is rich in soya protein, which contributes to muscle maintenance. Although obviously this one’s not suitable for anyone with a soya allergy.