04/04/2018 14:39 BST | Updated 04/04/2018 15:44 BST

Oath UK Reveals Gender Pay Gap of 23%

HuffPost UK is one of more than 50 Oath brands.

Media and tech company Oath UK, the owner of HuffPost UK, has revealed it has a median gender pay gap of 23.29%.  

Data from the firm - released as part of a government drive to tackle pay inequality - showed that women at the company earn 77p for every £1 male employees take home.

Men make up 72.48% of Oath’s top earners while women’s bonus pay is on average 33.66% less than men at the company.

A spokesperson for Verizon, of which Oath is a subsidiary, said: “There is progress to be made in increasing the representation of women into higher-paying jobs in the UK at Verizon and Oath.”

The figures do not include Yahoo UK as it was not part of the Oath UK entity in April 2017.

HuffPost UK is one of more than 50 Oath brands. While data from HuffPost’s 45 UK staff are included in Oath’s statistics, which covers around 500 employees, figures for the news website have not been released separately. 

HuffPost UK has a majority female team and three of its most senior staff, including the editor-in-chief, are women.