OK Go's New Video 'The One Moment' Is Probably The Best Music Video Ever

Holy. Crap.

OK Go is renowned for incredible music videos - in the past we’ve been treated to out-of-this world zero gravity and mind-boggling treadmill choreography.

But their new offering is... well, just watch it.

The main body is shot in 4.2 seconds and features a rapid whirlwind pan of colour that makes little sense.

Slow it down however and the results are truly staggering.

A statement on the band’s website describes the song as “a celebration of (and a prayer for) those moments in life when we are most alive.”

The statement continues, “Humans are not equipped to understand our own temporariness; It will never stop being deeply beautiful, deeply confusing, and deeply sad that our lives and our world are so fleeting. We have only these few moments.”

For the video specifically, the band “constructed a moment of total chaos and confusion, and then unraveled that moment, discovering the beauty, wonder, and structure within.”

The video was made in conjunction with Morton Salt’s #WalkHerWalk campaign.

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