19/01/2017 09:22 GMT | Updated 19/01/2017 09:22 GMT

Mum Issues Onesie Warning After Her Toddler Was Almost 'Strangled'

'She couldn't get my attention because she was suffocating.'

A mum has issued a warning to other parents about the danger of putting children to sleep in zip-up pyjamas as she says her toddler ‘nearly choked’ while in bed.

Katie Price, from Fife, has shared her “shocking” experience on Facebook, writing that her three-year-old daughter Sophie was almost strangled by a onesie as she moved about in the night.

In the social media post, Price explained: “She moved up, the onesie moved down at the back, the front tightened around her neck, and with it being a zip, it got stuck and she couldn’t loosen it, which resulted in her airways being pushed against and strangled.”

“She couldn’t even tell me or try get my attention because she was suffocating.”

Fortunately the mother-of-one was sleeping nearby so was able to get to her toddler’s aid, saying: “Who would have thought a simple onesie could almost kill a child?” 

It was the first time Sophie had worn the outfit in bed, and was doing so as their home in Fife was cold last Friday during the snow, says Price.

For parents who are concerned about dressing their toddler for sleep, Maryanne Taylor from The Sleep Works told The Huffington Post UK: “Pyjamas should be tight-fitting in order to avoid rising over the head or blocking the airways.

“It is always best to avoid front zips on any nightwear and if using sleeping bag make sure the zip is at the side rather than front. 

“The best nightwear would be vest, snug fitting pjs and sleeping bag or duvet with cotton duvet cover for older children.”

The Huffington Post UK has contacted the company that Price says she purchased the outfit from for comment and will update this piece upon their response.