05/06/2018 16:33 BST

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 6 Finally Gets An Air Date And Teaser Trailer

At last 🙌

‘Orange Is The New Black’ fans, rejoice! We finally know when series six of the drama will be arriving on Netflix.

Hitting the streaming service one month later than usual, the all-new ‘OITNB’ episodes will be available to watch from Friday 27 July.

And that’s not all either, as we have also been blessed with a teaser trailer…

Series five ended on a cliffhanger as the prisons lost their stand-off with the guards, who blew their way into a secret hideaway where the final 10 inmates were hiding.

The group included fan favourites Suzanne, Taystee, Red, Alex and Piper and their fates were left unclear. 


The rest of the prisoners were seen being lined up outside, amid confusion over where they were going and given that the new trailer includes the tagline “Bye bye, Litchfield — it’s a whole new world!”, we reckon a new jail is about to be revealed.

The series finale also saw Officer Piscatella accidentally shot dead by the SWAT team.

Meanwhile, Pennsatucky and Chang managed to escape the prison as the riots were ongoing.

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