Adult Wrapping: People In Japan Are Swaddling Themselves Like Babies To Relax

Okay then.

The idea of reverting to a child-like-state may seem appealing on a Monday morning with a week of work ahead of us, but we need to draw some (adult) boundaries.

People in Japan have started testing out a new wellness trend that sees them swaddled in cloth like a newborn baby, and then gently rocked from side to side for twenty minutes.

Otonamaki - as it is officially known – directly translates to “adult wrapping” and has been taking off in Tokyo, especially among new mothers.

Participants sit in a cross-legged position and are then tied inside a large, white, muslin cloth (or other colours if you really want to spice things up), with the aim of loosening muscles and bones.

Although it isn’t a mainstream practice yet, it recently made its debut on national TV, and as a result is set to become more popular in 2017.

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According to the BBC, Otonamaki was originally inspired by the practice of Ohinamaki, which sees babies have something similar done to them.

When worried parents thought their child looked too cramped in the tight space, practitioners wanted to reassure them about how their baby was feeling.

Apparently it gives the feeling that you’re back in the womb.

Look guys, we know things might be getting a little bit stressful right now, but let’s not lose our shit completely.