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Harry Potter Christmas Gifts For The Wizard In Your Family

Accio presents 🎁

Harry Potter merchandise has really upped its game this Christmas. With budget-friendly options increasingly available across food, lego, clothing and homeware, there’s something for everyone. 

So, for the Harry Potter fan, whether that’s you, your partner, your children and everyone in between, you’ll be sure to find the perfect present this Christmas in our round up of tried and tested gifts.

The HuffPost Finds team spent hours playing, testing and reviewing the best Harry Potter gifts money can buy and we’ve found some fantastic bargains, cosy PJs and scrumptious sweets. 

Ready, Set, Match


Lego Harry Potter Quidditch Match Building Set, Smyths, £34.99


If you can’t make it to the quidditch pitch, this is the next best thing. The action-packed build features goalposts, four house towers and all the sports equipment you need to recreate iconic Quidditch matches. Re-enact the famous scene by using the pop-up fire function to help Hermione cast a charm to break the jinx on Harry.

Be careful of the little parts around smaller children as this is for ages 10+, but building this is just as fun as playing it. A great family activity, it encourages sharing, communicating with each other and teamwork to play. Five stars from us. 

Suitable from 10 years 

Come Fly With Me


Flying Snitch, Argos£34.99

This little Golden Snitch is the perfect gift for a thrill-seeking Quidditch fan. It maintains a good height once in the air, and its sensors detect hands when they are below the snitch causing it to fly upwards before descending down. We found that adjusting the wings to a 45 degree angle drastically improved its performance and it was deceptively sturdy (we may or may not have crashed it a few times).

It’s not recommended for outside use, but using it near ornaments or fragile xmas decorations could prove hazardous. It’s a very accurate depiction of the snitch, which will surely score brownie points for the super fans. The kit contains the golden snitch ball, remote control handset, USB charging cable, display plinth, spare wings, quidditch poster and full instructions for use.

Suitable from 3 years 

Mini Mug


The Leaky Cauldron Mug, Studio, £9.99

A great stocking filler for an older fan, this double-handle leaky cauldron mug in a muted black wouldn’t be out of place on your office desk or bedside table. Multi-purpose, it can be used to drink from, or store things such as Christmas sweets or spare change. Annoyingly it does scratch easily and isn’t dishwasher safe, so take care of it.

Suitable for all ages 

Inside The Lines


Harry Potter Postcard Colouring Book, Waterstones, £7.99 

Embrace your creative side with this quirky A5 paperback colouring book. With beautifully detailed illustrations that are a mix of intricate designs, the house crest and all your favourite characters, that double up as postcards. They’d make a very thoughtful thank you card for Christmas gifts, too. Its compact size makes it ideal for travel, whether it’s to fill the time on an airplane or avoid boredom on a long journey in the car, this ticks all our boxes.

Suitable for all ages 

Egg and Soldiers


Egg Cup and Toast Cutter, Asos, £8.99       

Brighten up breakfast time with this egg cup and lightening-shaped toast cutter in the same design as Harry’s famous scar. We’re sure this would put a smile on any Harry Potter film fanatic. Silly but fun, it’s a gift that would suit all ages and will go down a treat on Christmas morning.

Suitable for all ages 

A Bit Of TLC


Eye Mask, Boots, £6


Catch some shut-eye in style with this eye mask that mirrors Harry Potter’s famous lightening bolt scar and glasses. Perfect for travelling or if you like sleeping in complete blackout – the adjustable ties ensure a snug fit. It’s a great inexpensive stocking filler that will be enjoyed by all ages. 

Suitable from 7 years.

Pyjama Party 


Pyjama set, Primark, £14.99


Have a pyjama party in this short-sleeved set from Primark. Printed with the wand-disarming spell Expecto Patronum, the golden snitch, King’s Cross magical platform 9 3/4, quills and flying Gringotts’ key, we simply love the design. It’s machine washable and goes up to a size 20. Win win. 

Available in sizes 8-20.

Make A Spell


Wand pen, Primark, £1.50


The perfect stocking filler for the Harry Potter fan and the stationery addict, this ball point pen will add a little magic to your day. A great find for your secret Santa partner. 

Suitable for all ages.

Sweet Treat


Jelly Belly Harry Potter Milk Chocolate Frog, Lakeland, £4.50


Aptly described as the perfect stocking filler, this sweet frog shaped chocolate is an easy win. Made from milk chocolate with crispy rice pieces, it is delicious. It also includes a collectable holographic wizard card featuring one of 16 famous witches or wizards from the Wizarding World. Seeing as you only get one frog £4.50 is quite steep we have to say, but this could work as a special stocking filler, depending on your budget. 

Suitable for all ages.

Bath Time


Golden snitch bath fizzer, Boots, £6


For the fully immersive Harry Potter experience, drop this bath bomb into running water and enjoy the scent of lemon, melon and sandalwood filling your bathroom. If that doesn’t persuade you, the entire Harry Potter collection is part of the the Boots Christmas three-for-two mix and match deal.

Suitable from 16 years. 

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