Panache 'Role Models' Campaign 2016 Celebrates Six Amazing Women

Prepare to be inspired.

Lingerie brand Panache has unveiled the winners of its ‘Modelled by Role Models’ campaign.

Six women from around the world star in the photoshoot, each chosen for their individual achievements, contributions to society and healthy approach to body image.

Following the success of the first Role Models search in 2015, this year Panache handed over the reigns to the public - asking them to nominate someone who inspires them.

Out of 7,000 nominees, the brand hand picked a shortlist of 14 women. This was then whittled down to six winners, three of whom are from Great Britain, in a public vote.

Anja Lovén is a Danish aid worker who left her job in retail to dedicate her life to supporting children in Africa.
22-year-old Croydon native Eliza Rebeiro founded the Lives Not Knives organization when she was just 14.
20-year-old Emily Findlay lives in the Orkney Islands in Scotland, and has a rare form of cancer called Neuroblastoma.
Mother-of-two Jayne Hurditch runs two charities in the UK helping children with special needs.
Sylwia Błach is an author, software programmer, and ambassador for disabled people in Poland - having suffered from spinal muscular atrophy and using a wheelchair from an early age.
Since battling ovarian cancer, Canadian-born Elly Mayday has landed her dream job as a model promoting body positivity.
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