Parakeet Can Use Siri On An Apple iPhone

His owner should teach him how to order a pizza.

Parakeets are very clever birds, as is clear from the fact that they can replicate human speech. This particular one, however, might be the most intelligent of them all - because he can use Siri on his owner's iPhone.

Kiwi is a very clever parakeet, part of the parrot family, and has picked up a few key phrases from his owner. In addition to introducing himself, Kiwi can also say "Hey, Siri!" to engage the voice-activated function on his owner's iPhone.

"Kiwi, a two-year-old budgie, has heard me say 'Hey Siri' many times in the house. I never intentionally taught him this, but eventually we started hearing him say 'Hey Siri' at random," owner zakooldude wrote on YouTube.

"Later, we started hearing him also imitate the chime that happens after you say 'Hey Siri' and let Siri respond. Tonight I caught him activating it on his own. I guess the register of his voice in imitation of mine is close enough for Siri to activate. "

Sadly Kiwi didn't quite know what to do next after Siri started listening, but maybe one day he'll tell it to call someone and he can have a nice conversation.

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