This Paralympian's Halloween Costumes Are Incredible

10/10 for effort.

A Paralympian athlete has outdone us all with his genius Halloween costumes.

Josh Sundquist, 32, lost his leg to cancer as a child, and each year the self-confessed “Halloween enthusiast” sports an outfit which represents “a creative twist” on his situation.

He’s previously been a flamingo and a foosball player.

But this year’s costume has to be the best yet...

The US football player has morphed into Lumière (the singing candle) from Beauty and the Beast.

Sundquist announced his costume choice on Instagram, with the caption: “Want to see my #HalloweenCostume? Be my guest.”

His photo received more than 4,000 likes (and counting) and has received many heartfelt comments.

One person wrote: “You ALWAYS come up with the best costumes! For me this ties with the gingerbread cookie!”

Another added: “Yes. I don’t even know what to do with myself. Just yes. So yes.”

It’s not the first time Sundquist has nailed his Halloween costume. In 2010, he dressed as the gingerbread man from Shrek, with a partially eaten leg.

In 2012 he dressed as the leg lamp from ‘A Christmas Story’, in 2013 he was a flamingo and in 2014 he morphed in to a foosball player. Last year, he became the sign for IHOP restaurant, an American pancake house.