15 Parenting Fails In 2016: From Missed School Notes To Seesaw Tumbles, We've All Done It

Everyone makes mistakes, eh?

No matter how hard you try as a parent, no one gets things right 100% of the time.

That’s why learning about other mums and dads’ fails, and supporting them through it, only makes us a tighter-knit parenting community.

We’ve rounded up 15 of the best fails from 2016 because its important to be able to laugh at ourselves from time-to-time and these are just hilarious.

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1. The dad who couldn’t handle his toddler vomiting.

“So this just happened, call me,” he text his wife.

2. The mum who couldn’t keep her two kids on the seesaw.

It’s pretty hard, you know? Watch it here.


3. The dad who caused mayhem when he shaved his beard.


4. The mum who didn’t read the school memo about bringing in chopped celery.

“Why? Because I don’t look in his folder,” she wrote on Facebook.

5. The dad who lost his son.

He found him again, don’t worry. It happens.


6. The mums who assumed this kids’ toy was *something else*.

Grown women cracking up at a sausage. Yep.


7. The dad who wore the worst T-shirt possible during his wife’s labour.

8. The mum who has given her son the wrong perception of her “going out” look.

9. The dad who snapped his kid eating a Santa that also looked like *something else*.

But of course he had to take a photo.

10. The mum who left her hungry toddler alone for one minute.

11. The dad who couldn’t get used to his newborn.

12. The mum who ran out of mugs for tea.

13. The dad who couldn’t get a nice picture of his four daughters.

It’s just never going to happen.

14. The mum who loves wine a bit too much.

And her toddler’s card showed it.


15. The dad who couldn’t tell his twins apart.


Isn’t being a parent just a barrel of laughs?

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