Parents Are Chucking Cheese At Their Kids As A Joke – But Is It Funny?

"WTF is wrong with people?"

In the latest odd craze to sweep social media, parents are throwing cheese slices in their kids’ faces. Yes, really.

The strange trend started when Twitter user @unclehxlmes posted a video he saw on Facebook of someone throwing cheese at a baby’s face. His tweet unexpectedly went viral – and although he deleted it shortly after, people were quick to jump on board.

Parents filmed themselves chucking cheese at their children using the hashtag #cheesechallenge on Twitter – and the majority of babies were shocked and confused by the whole situation.

Some seemed to find the videos hilarious...

But others criticised parents for posting the videos.

In one thread, journalist Mollie Goodfellow wrote: “Imagine carrying a baby for nine months and giving birth and then walking into a room and the father of your child is throwing slices of cheese at your baby for retweets and favs.”

Another dad filmed himself doing his own version of the #cheesechallenge, where he handed his kid the slice to eat rather than chucking it as his face.