Parents Divided Over Whether School Day Finishing Early Because Of Budget Cuts Is Good News

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A primary school’s proposal to cut down the length of the working day for its pupils has split parents’ opinions.

Danemill Primary School in Leicestershire, has said it is considering finishing lessons at lunchtime on Friday, as they have found that the introduction of the ‘Fairer Funding Formula’, has led to budget cuts.

The response from parents has been mixed. HuffPost UK asked our Facebook audience what they thought, with some saying that this is a good idea and others criticising the plans.

Hannah Gill, who is a parent at Danemill, was outraged by the idea: “This is my children’s school. Aside from the fact that I am a single parent who works (in education no less) and trying to find childcare will be expensive etc they are stopping my children having an education. They are cutting 9.5% of the education! It’s a disgrace.”

Rachel Dyer believes it would be hypocritical for the school to propose such plans: “If decreasing children’s hours at school is not important, why do we get fined for taking them out for holidays?”

Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images

Other parents looked forward to the prospect of more time with their children, Vicky Cornelius said: “Would be lovely. Time to go have an afternoon out somewhere while everyone else is still in school.”

Zoe Young agreed: “Personally I would love an extra afternoon to spend with my kids whilst they are little.”

“I would love it,” said Giselle Anette Ford. “I certainly don’t think that all education happens in school. I actually think that’s where the least happens. But I have the privilege of part time working. I can see how unless appropriate provision is made it will be a nightmare for some childcare wise.”

Plans for Danemill did incorporate a provision in case parents were working - providing free extra curricular activities until 3.20pm - the usual finish time.

Some mums and dads were just looking forward to the roads being quieter, Amy Downes said: “It’d make going anywhere on a Friday a damn sight easier. Why do the roads clog up from about 3pm onwards!”

And other parents explained that their children already had this system in place, Sharon Pillay, said: ” Our son’s school finishes at 1.05pm on a Friday. Have done for years. The staff are in school until 4pm, the three hours they have without structured lessons are used for 1-1 and small group work if needed.”

Emily Metcalfe agreed: “Most of Scotland finishes early on a Friday, primary and secondary. It’s really lovely for the kids and the education doesn’t suffer at all. The Friday afternoon is when loads of extra curricular sports and clubs take place. My kids love it, and so do we.”

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