Heartbreaking Photo Of Lonely 'Papaw' Will Make You Want To Visit Your Grandparents

He made burgers for six grandchildren, but only one showed up. 😢

Hearts are melting across the internet after a young woman shared a photo of her sad grandfather, after he was stood up for dinner by his grandchildren.

The grandfather, who is affectionately called 'Papaw', had invited his six grandchildren over for dinner and made burgers specially.

The photo was uploaded by Kelsey Harmon, who was the only one of Papaw's grandchildren to turn up for dinner.

Look at that face!

The photo, which has been retweeted more than 126,000 times, has served as a reminder for those fortunate enough to have grandparents to visit them more often.

Many Twitter users have offered to have a burger with Papaw, in place of his absent grandchildren.


Since the tweet, people have been up in arms about the no show. Kelsey says her cousins have even been receiving death threats.

But Kelsey says her Papaw is "OK" and loves his grandchildren all the same. Of course he does, what a cutie.

Now, in light of the viral outrage, Kelsey's cousin Brock has visited Papaw... and tweeted about it.


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