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Peaky Blinders Series 5: From New Cast To Start Date, Here's Everything You Can Expect

The hit drama is making the leap to BBC One, with Cillian Murphy back again as Tommy Shelby.

It’s been nearly two years since we last saw Tommy Shelby, but that is all about to change with the arrival of the fifth series of Peaky Blinders.

The hit BBC drama returns later this month for another gruesome set of episodes, with the action leaping ahead in time from the shock events of the last series finale.

Ahead of its much-anticipated comeback, here’s everything we can tell you about what to expect...

First up, what happened at the end of series four of Peaky Blinders?

The last series ended with Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) shooting Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) dead. 

It came after Tommy discovered Alfie had betrayed the Shelby family in their war against the Changrettas, which was ultimately won when Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) killed Luca Changretta (Adrien Brody).

Luca Changretta was killed off in the last episode

It turned out that Alfie actually had terminal cancer and, realising his fate, he provoked Tommy into shooting him – although he wrestled with the prospect of killing his former ally. 

Elsewhere, we also saw Tommy set the wheels in motion to infiltrate the communist movement as a Labour MP. 

Alfie Solomons was killed off in the series four finale

Who is new to the cast of Peaky Blinders series five?

There’s a whole host of new faces joining the cast for the new series, with the new arrivals headed up by Sam Claflin. 

The star, seen in films such as The Hunger Games and Adrift, will play fascist politician Sir Oswald Mosley.

Sam Claflin, Anya Taylor-Joy and Brian Gleeson have joined the Peaky Blinders cast

Former Hollyoaks actor Emmett J Scanlan (aka Brendan Brady) will play a new character called Billy Grade, while star of The Miniaturist and Atlantis Anya Taylor-Joy will reportedly play Michael’s new bride. 

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Emmett J Scanlan will play Billy Grade

Other new stars include Brian Gleeson (Mother!, Logan Lucky), Neil Maskell (Happy New Year, In Darkness), Kate Dickie (The Cry), Cosmo Jarvis (Calm with Horses, Lady Macbeth), Elliot Cowan (The Spanish Princess, Krypton), Charlene McKenna (Ripper Street, Pure Mule), Andrew Koji (Warrior, The Innocence) and Daryl McCormack (A Very English Scandal, The Lieutenant of Inishmore).

The new additions all join previously announced returning cast members Cillian Murphy (Tommy Shelby), Helen McCrory (Polly Gray), Paul Anderson (Arthur Chelby Jr), Sophie Rundle (Ada Thorne), Finn Cole (Michael Gray), Kate Phillips (Linda Shelby), Natasha O’Keeffe (Lizzie Shelby), Aidan Gillen (Aberama Gold), Jack Rowan (Bonnie Gold), Charlie Murphy (Jessie Eden), Kingsley Ben-Adir (Ben Younger), Harry Kirton (Finn Shelby), Packy Lee (Johnny Dogs), Ned Dennehy (Charlie Strong), Ian Peck (Curly) and Benjamin Zephaniah (Jeremiah Jesus).

What will happen in Peaky Blinders series five?

Series five jumps forward in time to a period of unrest in British politics, with episode one beginning with the Wall Street crash of 1929.

We quickly see the impact this has had with nationalism, populism, racism and fascism sweeping across the Western world.

With Tommy now acting as an MP, he is approached by charismatic, fascist politician Sir Oswald Mosley who has a bold vision for Britain.

Sam Claflin as fascist politician Sir Oswald Mosley

Tommy quickly realises that his response to this dark force will affect not just his family’s future, but that of the entire nation.

Creator and writer Steven Knight describes Tommy’s struggle “as relevant today as it was then”, given the parallels to what is happening in today’s society. 

Following his breakdown at the end of the last series, Tommy’s mental health will also be explored in the new episodes, looking at the impact the Great War and his violent behaviour has had on him.

Tommy Shelby faces some tough choices in series five of Peaky Blinders

What else has been said about Peaky Blinders series five?

While Peaky Blinders is famed for its violence, Helen McCrory has warned fans to expect things to step up a gear in the new series. 

She has described some scenes in particular as so “disgustingly violent” she could not even watch them. 

Helen McCrory as Polly Gray

Speaking to Press Association, she said: “I look away from the screen. I, as Helen, can’t watch it. I think it’s disgusting, gratuitous violence. It is… no, not gratuitous – disgustingly violent.

“But it is. And it should be. I think it’s much more disturbing than somebody slashes somebody’s face or somebody shoots somebody and it’s all just the end of it.”

Steven Knight also promises “the best series yet”, recently telling Radio Times: “I personally believe – and I think everybody involved believes – that this is the best series yet, for all sorts of reasons.

“There’s a lot going on, there’s a lot of bells ringing, there’s a lot of conflict happening.

Will there be a sixth series of Peaky Blinders?

Steven Knight has already confirmed there are plans for a sixth and seventh series of Peaky Blinders, revealing he also wants to make a film. 

However, he does not want the film to act as the show’s swan song, ideally wanting it to be released “between series”. 

Mike Marsland via Getty Images
Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight

Steven has also said that he already has the ending of Peaky Blinders in mind, revealing after the show’s Bafta win for Best Drama earlier this year: “My ambition is to make it a story of a family between two wars, so I always wanted to end it with the first air raid siren in Birmingham in 1939.

“It’ll take three more series to reach that point,” he added. 

When does Peaky Blinders series five start?

After building a loyal audience over the past four series on BBC Two, the fifth series of Peaky Blinders will make the leap over to BBC One. 

The new series, which comprises of six episodes, kicks off on Sunday 25 August at 9pm on BBC One. 

Can I catch up on Peaky Blinders series one to four?

With the show moving to BBC One, it is about to attract a whole new legion of fans who might not be familiar with the story so far. 

So, if you are one of those people and want to get ahead of the curve, the series one to four boxset is currently available to stream on both Netflix and the BBC iPlayer. 

Happy bingeing!

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