Does Mordaunt Know The Penny's Dropped? Minister's PR Photo Gets Torn Apart Online

Holding giant notes on the day inflation falls was not the best look.
House of Commons and Lord President of the United Kingdom Penny Mordaunt
House of Commons and Lord President of the United Kingdom Penny Mordaunt
Anadolu via Getty Images

Commons leader Penny Mordaunt’s latest post on social media has gone viral over its poor optics.

In a post promoting her meeting with the Bank of England today, Mordaunt said she was able to “view the first banknotes with HM The King’s portrait”.

“The new notes will be introduced gradually to replace those that are worn.”

The accompanied image shows Mordaunt with two giant bank notes for £10 and £20.

The notes are so large actually, her entire torso is covered.

In just over two hours, it had accumulated 450,000 views on X (formerly Twitter).

The photo was definitely a curious choice considering inflation actually fell to a three-year low today, dropping back to 2.3% – pretty close to the Bank of England’s actual target.

The government has been promoting this decline all day, saying it is proof the Conservatives’ “plan is working”.

Understandably, plenty of people started pointing out this pretty obvious flaw with Mordaunt’s image on social media – and Liberal Democrat MP Alistair Carmichael even joked, “so much for stopping inflation”.

And of course, there were the inevitable jokes that the minister herself had shrunk.

This is not Mordaunt’s first viral gaffe. During October Conservative Party conference, she made a speech where she repeatedly said, “Stand up and fight.”

Unfortunately, it was not clear who or what the Tory members were supposed to be fighting.

She also got in a bizarre spat with Keir Starmer last September, after she said he had “zero balls” and compared him to Beach Ken from 2023′s hit film Barbie.


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