05/06/2018 13:23 BST

People Are Sharing The Hilarious Ways Their Sims Have Died

Death by falling satellite 🛰☠️

If you’re not currently playing Sims then the likelihood is that you at least remember a time when you were.

The hugely popular simulated living game has been around since 2000 and the series has sold a whopping 200 million copies since then.

Like any real-world situation, your Sims are as prone to illness or accidents as we are, perhaps even a little more. The results of which can often be heartbreaking or hilarious.

EA Games

When one Twitter user Jay shared one such story of how they lost a Sim in a particularly unfortunate hotdog-related incident, the internet responded with their own stories of loss and Sim-related grief.

Prepare yourself for a journey into the weird and hilarious world of Sim-related deaths.