12/01/2017 12:39 GMT

People Reveal Their Partner's Most Annoying Traits

'He’s got the text conversation flow skills of a golden retriever.'

When you’re in a relationship, you get to know your other half really, really well. 

And when that happens, you’ll undoubtedly discover a trait of theirs that you absolutely can’t stand. 

From their constant stream of chatter, to giving away film spoilers all. the. time - here Redditors in ‘happy relationships’ reveal the one thing their partners do that really grinds their gears.  

1. “She seems to not always be wholly aware why it’s called an internal monologue.”


2. “When I ask her to repeat herself because I didn’t hear what she said, she just repeats one word making it even more difficult to understand.”


3. “Instead of throwing the stickers off fruit in the garbage, she sticks them to the counter right above the garbage can. Used to do it randomly, until she found out how much it annoys me. Now she does it deliberately.”


 4. “He’s like a human heater and likes cuddling too much, so I end up waking up in the middle of the night literally sweating as he constantly rolls over to spoon me, which is really sweet until I almost get heat stroke.”


5. “A situation comes up which could have multiple outcomes. She’ll think what the worst possible outcome could be, and absolutely fixate on it as being inevitable.”


6. “She sets the alarm for an hour and a half before she needs to be up and just keeps hitting the snooze button.”


7. “When he tells stories he takes for-fucking-ever to get to the point, and sometimes forgets the point of the story in the middle of it.” 


8. “She can’t watch anything without stopping it and rewinding it over and over, either because she wasn’t paying attention or she wants to read some silly detail. It usually takes at least twice as long to watch anything.” 


9. “She takes her socks off in bed, but leaves them down by her feet under the covers. Once a week I have to go down there and get them all out or else they start to slide over to my side.”


10. “She’s really good at figuring out movie plots, so she can spoil a movie without ever having seen it before.”


11. “He’s got the text conversation flow skills of a golden retriever.”


12. “Her farts are way worse than mine. Even the dog starts sneezing.”


13. “He refuses to take his socks off during sex. Says it’s important for traction.”


 14. “She doesn’t rinse her cereal bowls.”


15. “She is a semi compulsive hoarder.”


16. “He’s indecisive. I love my husband with all my heart but whyyyyy do I have to park before we go into a drive thru so he can look at a menu on his phone before he orders the same thing he gets every. other. time?”


17. “She leaves her wet towels on the bed.”


18. “He whistles, sings to the pets and repeats weird catch phrases when he comes home at midnight. Wakes me up and drives me crazy.”