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People Whose Marriage Lasted Under A Year Explain What Led To Divorce

'She panicked.'

While most people enter marriage expecting it to last a lifetime, sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

People whose marriages lasted less than a year have been sharing why things took a turn for the worse.

From realising marriage was a mistake in the first place to finding out their partner had been cheating, these are some of the reasons they opted to have a swift divorce. 

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 1. “She had an affair with a guy she worked with. We tried to work it out but I couldn’t forgive her.”


2. “Married two months. We didn’t love each other. I proposed because I was 30 and panicked. She said yes because she wasn’t sure anyone better than me would come along. Dumb reasons for both of us.”


3. “I hadn’t known that she had a drug abuse problem. We lasted about three months total.”


4.  “We had been dating for seven years so we thought it was a safe bet. Realised a year into our marriage that we were better as separate people. And it fucking sucked.

“There were a ton of tears, a whole lot of begging not to let it end, a whole bunch of ‘trying new things (living separately, splitting money, etc)’ so that we could be apart together, but it just didn’t work. We were just live-in friends when it came down to it. And I think, too, that if we hadn’t gotten married, we never would have seen it.”


5. “Dated a guy for five years, got married, got divorced 11 months later. The marriage failed because of really bad timing and alcohol. My ex’s mum died a month before the wedding and unfortunately we couldn’t cancel anything so we had this crazy month of a funeral and a wedding and a honeymoon.

“After that, my ex spiralled into drinking and avoiding grief in any way possible. He partied, drank and drove, yelled at me a lot and finally, chose alcohol over me when I told him I couldn’t live with him acting like that anymore.”


6. “We were heroin addicts. I got clean. He then did too. But I couldn’t disassociate him from using. I will always love him and care about him but I truly believe if we stayed together we would have died.”


7. “I came home from work one day and she said that she needed space. I told her okay, and she went to stay at a friend’s. She texted me a couple days later that she ‘didn’t love me anymore’. I said that we could try to get help or go to counseling, but she responded with ‘it takes two to try and I don’t want to’. I got a lawyer the next day. This way after three months of being married.” 


8. “She panicked. She decided that she was too young to get married (23 years old) and still wanted to experience more of life before settling down.”


9. “Don’t marry someone to help them or because you have sympathy for them. That’s all I have to say on the subject.”


10. “Three weeks after our marriage, I found out that she was pregnant. Not my baby and she was upfront about it. I didn’t wanna stick around.

“The funny part is that all her friends gave me shit for ‘not being a man enough’ and raising someone else’s kid.”


11. “Married after 14 years of togetherness. Split within a year. It was a long distance relationship after college, so we grew up completely separately as professionals and the way of life shaped differently. After marriage, [I] stayed with her for a month in her work city. I realised that this was not the person I wanted to spend my life with any more. Meanwhile, I found someone who was the person.”


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