Love Pesto Eggs? 4 Ways To Make The TikTok Recipe Even Better

The ultimate brunch 😋

First, there was feta pasta. Then, the bell pepper sandwich. Now, TikTok has delivered a new trend – pesto eggs – and we think it might be the best yet.

Searches for pesto eggs have increased by 130% since TikTok creator Amy Wilichowski shared the brunch dish in April. The original video has been liked more than 1.4 million times, with dozens sharing their own version of the recipe.

The core concept of pesto eggs is simple: fry a couple of eggs in a pan, using a few dollops of pesto in place of your regular oil.

It looks pretty great as it is, but to take the trend even further, HelloFresh has created a selection of tempting tweaks. Take a look and spice up your next brunch with this array of toppings.

Avocado and chilli flakes

After frying your pesto eggs, remove them from the heat and toast a breakfast muffin. De-stone and and smash the avocado using a fork, then stir in chilli flakes. Spread a generous serving over the muffin and top with your fried pesto eggs.

Crispy bacon and garlic tenderstem broccoli

Fry the meat in a dry pan for around 10 minutes or cook to your liking. As the bacon cooks, add minced garlic and butter into a separate pan and allow to cook, then add your trimmed tenderstem broccoli. Sauté for five minutes, before serving the bacon and broccoli on sourdough bread with your pesto eggs.

Cherry tomatoes and feta

Top your pesto eggs with creamy feta and lightly cooked cherry tomatoes for a burst of balsamic sweetness. Simply cook cherry tomatoes on the vine in a pan with oil, add seasoning and a splash of balsamic vinegar and reduce the heat. Allow to cook until softened, then serve over bread and pesto eggs, with a crumbling of feta cheese on top.

Pesto eggs hash bowl

Make your breakfast more substantial by turning it into a hash bowl. Chop some baby potatoes and season with salt and pepper to your taste before baking for 35 minutes. In a frying pan, cook oil over a medium heat and add white onion and tomatoes, frying gently until soft.

Cook your pesto eggs, and remove the potatoes once cooked. Layer your tomato and onion mixture over the potatoes, and top with the pesto eggs. Add extras such as avocado or top with a drizzle of honey.

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