Peter Andre Reveals Wife Emily MacDonagh Was 'Rushed To Hospital' After Having Early Contractions

'I literally thought: ‘You’re going into labour’.'

Peter Andre is convinced his wife Emily MacDonagh will have her baby early after she was rushed to hospital with contractions.

The couple, whose second child is due in December 2016, were shocked when they were out for dinner and MacDonagh thought she was going into labour.

“Emily had to go to hospital because she started having contractions,” Andre told new! magazine.

“I literally thought: ‘You’re going into labour’.”

Mark Cuthbert via Getty Images

Andre, 43, continued: “It’s freaking me out - but in a good way.

“There’s not a date in my diary in November where I will be more than an hour away from Ems at all times.”

MacDonagh also revealed she thought her second child may arrive earlier than planned.

“I had to go to hospital because I’m having contractions already, which makes me think this baby could come early,” she told Reveal magazine.

The mum-of-one may be experiencing what is commonly-known as Braxton Hicks.

Braxton Hicks contractions (named after Dr John Braxton Hicks, who first made reference to them in the 19th century) are brief and harmless tightenings of the uterus, which often seem to start happening around halfway through pregnancy.

In earlier stages they may feel like period pains, low down in a woman’s tummy, but later on in the pregnancy it can begin to feel more uncomfortable.

Find out more about how to recognise the signs of Braxton Hicks here.

MacDonagh is roughly two months away from her due date, as Andre has recently said the baby is due in December 2016.

This will be Andre’s fourth child. He is dad to Amelia, two, with MacDonagh, and Princess, nine, and Junior, 11, with his former partner Katie Price.

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